Benefits of Signing Up to View Media

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View Media Classified is the best choice for anyone after online promotion of their services, businesses, products or items, we engage in social media promotion of your adverts, place your ads on several classified ads sites for free when you pay for a featured advert, email market your featured ads and more, in fact we go beyond our competitors and personally see to it that over 1,000,000 people in the UK and overseas view  your ads on our site, give us a try today.


Reasons for Signing Up to View Media


1. Free adverts for everyone, you only pay on your 3rd advert and when we specifically promote your ads on social media sites, and on high traffic classified sites, go to our Premium Ads section for more info.


2.  If you placed a banner advert on our site for a year and took up our virtual reception services, we would give you 2 years advertising on our site for free, yes for free, you would be allowed to place unlimited ads on the site for free too.


3. We do not charge a fee for a link to your website, charges people £5 per link, we charge £0.00 meaning you can have links to your business websites for free once you are signed up to our site.


4. We do not breach Privacy Laws like Gumtree does, for many years gumtree has been breaching peoples privacy by spying on their private conversations, once your are with View Media your privacy is secure, we do not eavesdrop on our users private conversations, infact your privacy is of utmost importance to us and you can email other users without the fear of being spied on by us, if you need your privacy to be secure, sign up today.


5. Once your adverts are up on our site you can add as many pictures or videos to your profile page on our site, there are no restrictions or limitations, on the other hand only allows one video per advert.


6. Guaranteed exposure for your adverts to over 100,000 people a day, as a premium advertiser the exposure

    would be over a million people a day.


7. We can act as your virtual receptionist if you are a new business after a reception service without any costs attached to it, yes that’s right, we can get our staff to answer your business calls and also receive your mails on your behalf for a fee of £0.00 if you are a featured banner ads advertiser on our site.


8. We will give you £50 for every 10 people you send to our site after a featured banner advert on our site.


9. We will engage in email marketing of your ads for you to your specified list of email contacts and even get you a target list of new clients by email once you are signed up to our site as a featured banner ads advertiser.


    Sign  Up  today.