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Pay just £1 for a 7 day listing to kick start your ad campaign here on View Media Classified and get 10 more adverts for free, after your 7 day period has expired, adverts cost just £5 a month for a premium ad listing.


Premium Ads

Adverts on this option run for 30 days at a cost of £5 per Listing, we will run 10 of your adverts for free indefinitely and the paid for ad will remain on the site for 30 days after which you will be billed £5 for a renewal of your paid for advert, so in effect you will get 10 free adverts permanently on the site and one paid for advert until you decide to delete them. Please note you will only be entitled to 10 free ads only when you pay for a 30 day listing for one of your ads and you carry on renewing at least one advert every 30 days, if your paid for advert expires and you do not renew it, you will not be entitled to any free ads, so to qualify for 10 free ads you must carry on renewing your paid for advert every 30 days for a year.

Note : All adverts that are currently free will only be free for 7 days after which the premium ads option begins our Special Options offer will apply where all users can pay £1  per listing, so if you have free ads on the site at the moment note that they will soon expire and you will be put on the Premium Ads Option when your ads expire. We will notify you a few days in advance before your 7 day listing expires.


Bronze Ads 60 day listing per advert plus 15 free ads ( promotion of your ads on our social media networks ) £10

Silver Ads 90 day listing per advert plus 20 free ads ( promotion of your advert on our social media networks and on 10 other Classified ads sites for free generating over 100,000 views a day for your ads ) £20

Gold Ads All Businesses, medium, small or large can list unlimited adverts on the site for 120 days to include promotion on our social media network of sites and a listing on 100 classified ads sites for free, this option is intended to drive over 100,000 people a day to your ads here on our site. £120

Deluxe Ads

Featured Listing at the top page of our site where over 1,000,000 people a week will view your adverts, free listing on 200 Classified sites, social media promotion and backlinks for your adverts on our site, for just £25 for a 7 day listing, renewable every 7 days for as long as you require our promotion and virtual receptionist services, you would also get 50 free ads, meaning you can place 51 ads on our site and only pay for 1, the other 50 ads will be free give us a try today

Special Deluxe Ads Offer : Get 50 ads on our site for free, when you pay for an advert on the featured banner ads section on our site, so when you pay £25.00 for a 7 day featured listing, you will be allowed to place 50 free ads on our site in any location in the UK or abroad without further costs to you, so 1 advert is paid for and the other 50 ads will be completely free of any charges and remain on our site indefinitely unless you delete them yourself so in effect your ads will never expire on our site. This offer only applies if you are renewing your Featured Ads Listing of £25 every week.